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Welcome to Shaiya Instance

Hello everyone,


We are happy to announce that new 70 items just released. You can get new gear pieces from our Webmall with Pee Pee points (new currency). In order to get "Pee Pee points" all you have to do is PvP.

                             "You can obtain 1 Pee Pee Point every 1000 ACTUAL kills"


We have also reworked our Drop List, our Loot Box and our Webmall (take some time to check them out and see the changes).

New items under the name "Incremental Rune V2 and Perfect Lapisia +1" are dropping from our bosses.

The new LV70 gear/cape have a Maximum OJ of 2000/20 (You may use free Perfect Runes). But you are able to extend them to 2500/25  by using the new Incremental Runes. 
Also, we are giving you for free [18] Enchant Items. But to max them out to [20] you have to use Lapisia +1.

Every single item which is given away for free, is placed in AH NPCs.


P.S. Newly created Character's are now LV70. You no longer need to EXP.

Free PvP Server

Good morning everyone,

The free phase of Shaiya Instance just started! Once you create a new character you'll be given a Level 70 Ticket, which you can sell in AH and automatically level up (We decided to keep the leveling for future purposes).

You'll be able to find all the necessary items in Auction House, new NPCs are spawned and old ones are tweaked. Make sure to take some time and find out what NPC you need. Some drops were also changed, and we also decided to close Theodores for the time being.

Thank you~

New promotion

Good evening everyone, it's been (almost) 3 months since we opened the server and we, the shaiya Instance team, decided to run a special promotion. If you want to get a PvP-Ready set, all you have to do is to invite 3 or more friends. That package will contain everything you need to be competitive in pvp, but wont be maxed out. We also give the opportunity to these players of donating by receiving an extra 20% of what our current donation page is. The more you invite, the more % you get! Hope to see new players enjoying Instance. See you in-game!

New Quest Capes

New capes added, which can be obtained from a quest (you may find the Quests from the following NPCs: Stat Accessories, Miscellaneous, Free Lapis NPC 1 at AH.)

Follow the instructions given.


Quest Details:

You need to collect the following items from:
A) 10x Battle Token (Purchasable from webmall under Kill Point category with KP)
B) 10x Dominus Token (Can be found from Artis Box at high chance rate)
C) 5x Infused Shard (Can be found from Artis Box at low chance rate)

"Artis Box can be farmed from Elemental Mobs which are placed at Kanos Illium. Dominus Tokens have more chances than Infused Shards when you click to open the Artis Box."

Paysafe Card Donations

Good evening ,

I would like to inform you that Paysafe Card donations are acceptable and now give you a +25% bonus which only applies to DP. If you hesitated to donate before with PSC, do now and claim your extra reward. 

This will last about a week, PSC donations after one week will receive the same amount as in our website.


P.S Simply DM me on Discord to proceed. (Phreak#0181)


Thank you 

1v1 Tournament Winner

Our first 1v1 tournament [BoS] winner is...


"Best of Server" winner:

==> [BoS]NEO


Gz to him and thanks to everyone who did participate event.

Donation Bonus

Good evening everyone,
Our anniversary is in a couple days, and lots of events will follow.
That being said, we are giving a bonus for those that want to support our server by donating.
Grab your points before it's too late :pogg~1:

Once again,
Thank you for all kind of support; drama as well :kek:

Kill Multiplier Implementation

Kill Multiplier will be as follow:


a) x5 from 0 to 50.000 kills

b) x4 from 50.000 to 100.000 kills

c) x3 from 100.000 to 200.000 kills

d) x2 from 200.000 to MAX kills


Have fun! ^^

1v1 Tournament

Shaiya Instance will be having its first 1v1 tournament on may 24th 3pm server time.


=> in order to register for it, please fill in an application in #1v1-tourney channel on our Discord with the following infos:

Character Name:


Time zone: 


Any class is welcome and rules for the tournament will be given soon on our Discord channel, see you there!

Raffle System

In order to participate our daily raffle system, you must have more than certain amount of kills and you will have to Whisper your-self in-game, by typing !raffle and a number between 0 and 25.


For example, if my name is Phreak: ! Phreak !raffle 5


Then a random number will be selected from Database and if you are lucky enough, you'll be able to win 100 Donation Points.


Good luck to u all ^^