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Server specifications & features

Episode 5.4 ZONE 15/70

Shaiya Instance is an evolving server, with various patches being implemented over time to ensure players have an unforgettable experience GRB: Guild Ranking Battles will be held on Saturdays, 3-4 PM server time (GMT+2)

Kill Count x2

Secure Server

  • The server is secured against all types of attacks meant to disrupt the service.
  • The game server is protected against most known hacks and exploits, and our security system is constantly being updated to ensure that your gaming experience will not be ruined by anyone gaining an unfair advantage.

Enhanced Account Security

Everyone has the option to enable enhanced account security, provided that their account has been email verified. Enhanced account security allows you to restrict access to your account only to certain IP addresses or IP ranges.

Healthy Economy

  • Relatively Modest farming server
  • Currencies:
    1. Instance Points
  • Donation Methods:
    1. PayPal
    2. PaySafe
    3. Western Union

Dedicated Staff Team

  • Professional staff team
  • Active around the clock
  • Quick support help